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A community for collective transformation.

Radiate is a collaborative learning community dedicated to exploring, integrating, and radiating transformative change.

The pandemic plunged us into a crucible of change. Now the question is: How will we embody that change?

Over the past year, we have all been through a deep period of reflection and realization. As we turned our gazes inward, we asked ourselves the fundamental questions of self: reassessing our priorities, our values, our relationships, and our resources.

As we took the time to truly look at the world around us, we re-examined our culture, our healthcare and justice systems, our collective support network — and found them wanting. In short, we each began to perceive serious changes, both internal and external, that urgently needed to be addressed.

On the cusp of a return to “normal,” can we stay motivated to embody the change we want to see?

Having weathered the worst of the pandemic, many countries are beginning to slowly open up, and we’re about to experience a return to something like normalcy. Many of the constraints that we’ve been enduring are about to relax. And as this challenging period of fear, crisis, and confinement comes to a close, it’s going to be very easy to forget everything we’ve learned.

We may begin to feel that making the changes and pursuing the convictions we arrived at during this harrowing year is just a little less urgent. To fall back into our old patterns of being busy, of tuning out the world, of not trying to make bold changes because we’re not ready, or we don’t know how, or we’re afraid we’ll get it wrong. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you had access to a space that was dedicated to exploring, integrating, and radiating radical change?

As this remarkable shared global moment is coming to a close, we have the opportunity to share something else. To create a community that supports the transformations — internal and external — that we so desperately want to make.

Radiate is a community, a sacred space, and an idea percolator that will foster the connection and insights you need to integrate deep transformation. Together we will encourage each other to make change manifest.

Real transformation takes time. That’s why this community experience will unfold slowly.

As I’ve said before on my podcast: Transformation is hard. Change is not inevitable. Quite the opposite, in fact. That’s why this is a 9-month program.

If we truly want to go deep, make real changes, and integrate them, it takes time. There are no shortcuts. By committing to showing up and being in community for nine months, you will be committing to building deep, lasting connections and participating in deep, lasting transformation.

It’s like interval training for transformation: Three phases of deep community, with lengthy breaks in-between.

The Radiate program will unfold in three 10-week phases over nine months, with a 4-week break in between each phase to rest, reflect, and integrate. My goal with this structure is to make deep transformation “radically doable.” *


Registration: June 18 – June 25, 2021

Phase 1: June 29 – Sept 3, 2021, a ten-week community learning cycle

September Break – rest, reflect & integrate

Phase 2: Oct 4 – Dec 10, 2021, a ten-week community learning cycle

Holiday Break – rest, reflect & celebrate

Phase 3: Jan 10 – Mar 18, 2022, a ten-week community learning cycle

* Hat tip to Alicia Walters on Priya Parker’s podcast for an introduction to the phrase “radically doable.”

The Radiate community programming will include a variety of different types of content to spark reflection, engagement, and transformation, including:
1. Live Talks w/ Jocelyn

Every month, I will give a contemplative talk that speaks to a specific theme dictated by the unfolding transformation of the community. We’ll be exploring concepts around community, ritual, anti-productivity, internalized capitalism, equity, and more.

2. Live Podcast Interviews w/ Q&As

Once a month, I will interview an incredible thinker, healer, or activist. In essence, the new season of Hurry Slowly will be curated for this community, and members will have exclusive access to attend live Zoom interviews and participate in Q&As. You will also receive advance notice of guests so that we can read their books together.

Confirmed guests for Phase 1 include:

3. Group “Integration Hours”
Twice a month, I will host “integration hours,” which are basically like office hours but more community-oriented and conversational — a space for talking about, brainstorming, and working through change. During these sessions, I will hold space, field questions, and facilitate group exercises to open up new possibilities.
4. Contemplative Journaling Prompts
Twice a month, I will share a new journal prompt or question, designed to guide you deeper into self-investigation and community conversation. Past participants of my Hi-Fi course found the journal prompts to be one of the most transformative aspects of the experience.
5. Small Journey Groups (optional)
For those who want deeper connection and support, I’ll be connecting folks in small journey groups of 5-6 people and offering prompts to guide you through bimonthly gatherings. I will also be offering BIPOC and LGBTQ+ affinity groups. These journey groups will rotate with each course phase, so you’ll have the opportunity to get to know at least 12-15 people in the community very well.
6. A Dynamic Discussion Space
Our homebase for communication will be a new community platform called Circle that blends the best elements of a forum and a chat app. You’ll be able to see other members, create new posts, organize them around threads, and DM each other. It’s easy to use and asynchronous to support deep, rich, meaningful conversation. No distracting Slack threads or Facebook groups.
7. Community Skillshare Events
As we all get our bearings amidst transformation, many of us are cultivating new areas of knowledge. Maybe you’re getting certified as a yoga teacher, maybe you’ve been building up a deep knowledge base about crypto, maybe you’re developing your skills as a coach. I’ll be empowering community members to test drive those new skills in small group gatherings via a curated community calendar.

As we move through these talks, interviews, and integration sessions, we’ll be exploring fundamental themes and questions such as:

  • How can we be in community in a new way?
  • How can we build more sustainable rituals & relationships?
  • How can we unplug from the toxic influence of productivity culture?
  • How can we change our relationship to capitalism and release our “extractive mindset”?
  • How can we foster a more caring relationship with nature and our environment?
  • How can we confront our history and reorganize our culture around equity?
Who should join this community?
The Radiate community is for people who are interested in:


  • Investing in and exploring community
  • Embodying your values to the fullest
  • Connecting deeply with new people
  • Cultivating new ideas and skills
  • Radiating positive change *
* What exactly does “radiating positive change” mean?

I mean that this community will be focused on more than just self-transformation. It will be focused on transforming ourselves so that we may contribute to collective transformation. The goal is not only to integrate change, but to go further — radiating it back out to those around us, creating a ripple effect of transformation.

Registration for Radiate is currently closed.

To get notified about future sessions, please enter your email.

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. Host of the Hurry Slowly podcast, teacher of the RESET and Hi-Fi courses, and lead facilitator and guide of the Radiate community.
Over the past 12 years, I’ve created one of the world’s top creative conferences, a bestselling book series, and a podcast with almost 2.5 million downloads. I’ve also trained as a reiki master and deepened my energy healing practice.

After 20 years of working in publishing and now podcasting, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, and what I’ve learned is how to find bright minds, ask good questions, and elicit thoughtful answers that illuminate the way forward. I think that finding new answers is a key part of what we need right now.

During the past few years of teaching my RESET course, leading the Hi-Fi community, and developing my reiki practice, I have learned a lot about facilitating, educating, holding space, and navigating the collective energy of individuals and groups. I will be bringing that experience to bear to create an environment that supports insight and transformation.

Why I’m a trustworthy guide:
I’ve taught over 1500 students in the past three years. My most recent endeavor was a community-focused course called Hi-Fi that was launched in the early days of the pandemic. Many of the participants described their experience as deeply transformative. Here are a few kinds things folks said:

“This course was a pandemic lifeline.

—Jim Withington—

“Hi-Fi sustained me during multiple national crises. I discovered I have the capacity to sit with discomfort and remain optimistic about humanity, community, and possibility.

—Jesse Colby—

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken. I feel the effects will be far-reaching and long-lasting. It has been transformational and helped me heal.

—Cara Leopold—

“Hand on heart, life is better after this course. I wouldn’t have thought an online experience could be so connecting and intimate and alive and fun.

—Alice Ramsay—

“Hi-Fi was the most comprehensive and most enjoyable self-examination I’ve ever done.

—Vanessa V.—

What community membership includes:
  • Talks from Jocelyn (once a month)
  • Live Interviews  (once a month)
  • Integrative Group Q&A Sessions (twice a month)
  • Small Journey Groups (w/ BIPOC and LGBTQ+ affinity option)
  • Journaling prompts (twice a month)
  • Community skillshare events
  • Dynamic discussion forum


My hopes for the future…

It has always been a dream of mine to host a small, multi-day, in-person healing retreat. I am hoping that after the conclusion of Radiate next March, I will be able to follow this program with such a retreat in June of 2022. The idea would be that after working together and getting to know each other for nine months, we would all be able to gather in person for a retreat. How amazing would that be?!

But the uncertainty of the current moment means I can’t yet plan this event. So this isn’t a guaranteed part of the program, and it’s not reflected in the ticket price. (The cost for this mythical event would be separate.) But I’m sharing it with you as a part of the vision I’m holding for this community — that all who join will gather in person next year to celebrate our collective transformation.

Join me on a journey to explore, integrate, and radiate transformative change.

Registration for Radiate is currently closed.

To get notified about future sessions, please enter your email.

How does the Radiate community relate to Hi-Fi? Hi-Fi, a community-focused course I offered in the summer of 2020, and Radiate are pandemic bookends in a way. Hi-Fi was focused on self-examination, while Radiate is focused on collective transformation. You do not need to have taken Hi-Fi to participate in Radiate, but it’s a fantastic next step for those who did take part in Hi-Fi.

Where are the talks happening? What if I can’t attend? All interviews and talks will take place on Zoom. If you can’t attend a talk, there will be a Zoom recording that is made available afterwards.

How long will the community program last? The stucture of this community is finite, rather than open-ended. It is a 9-month-long program that unfolds in three 10-week learning cycles with breaks in between. One cycle from June 29 – Sept 3, one from Oct 4 – Dec 10, and one from Jan 10 – Mar 18.